The IMVN team takes pride in being Influencer Marketing professionals, with the goal of connecting with the proper KOLs/KOCs, optimizing budgets, and delivering actual value to the business.

What services does IMVN provide to businesses?

Developing Content Strategy

IMVN chooses stories that reflect the personalities of influencers on their potential platforms.

Content Production

Diverse, innovative, and current. The IMVN Production team has the ability to ‘elevate’ the brand’s pictures and videos to new levels.

Connect & Amplify

IMVN is ready to link you with influencers who might encourage discussions and actions.

Advertising on Social Media

IMVN manages and optimizes Influencer campaigns across social advertising platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

Monitoring & Measurement

Based on specific goals and KPIs, IMVN is ready to monitor and provide transparent information to businesses throughout the process

Campaign Management

From managing KOLs/KOCs to content posting and call-to-action, IMVN proudly offers comprehensive support for businesses.

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IMVN acts as a link between influencers and professionals in the field of Influencer Marketing.

IMVN meets the needs of searching, selecting, and connecting between both parties with flexible criteria, optimizing a packaged approach for costs, time, and collaboration methods.